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Headed off for travels. Shooting video on a GH4 and stills on an old FM2. Both using 30 year old Nikon prime lenses. #AlphaPro #Letsgosomewhere

Why do I even do this???


I had a flipping great time at @charlycox1 party.


i want to talk to you but im ugly


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.27.14
the sydney pouch by gracedesign

woweeeee, i need this pouch. made from a vintage 1920’s mexican saltillo tapestry and upcycled distressed leather, this large zippered wristlet has a southwestern vibe and a bold color palette.

Untitled x Sergey Polyushko


if im on tumblr more than usual that means i have a lot of stuff i need to be doing and im trying to avoid doing it